Champions in the woods, swift and quick as the wind, and strong and fearless as any man, the Black Mouth Cur is a tough hunting dog AND a great best friend. Size and Life Span. Legs are long enough to allow the dog to move quickly and with agility in rough terrain. Ladner in 1964. The Texas Black Mouth Cur is supposed to originate from types of curs that were used for herding cattle and the paperwork for them was submitted by the Big Thicket Legacy. He was a little too old as most folks want a younger puppy. Size of a Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix. Yet, the males weigh around 40-95 pounds and the females weigh around 35-80 pounds. Here are the breeds that I believe he could be a mix of (the mountain cur too has black inside of mouth if their nose if black) United Kennel Club: Black Mouth Cur
However, it is a little heavier than many people like to give it credit for being. Weight-wise, a Black Mouth Curs Lab Mix is usually somewhere between 40 and 95 pounds. Originating in South Eastern USA, the medium-size hunting and guard dog Black Mouth Cur is a breed of companion dogs that would do anything for its master. Both male and female Black Mouth Curs weigh around 35 to 40 pounds as adults. Personality.

With their broad chest, square muzzle, low-hanging ears, the coat color of their same-litter siblings might appear in varied colors, born with big webbed feet like the Catahoulas. Height at the shoulders should be a minimum of 16" for females and 18" for males; these measurements usually put the Black Mouth Cur size in the "medium" category, although some can reach large stature.
They have a large, broad head and their ears are dropped of medium length (set quite high on the head). Legs are long enough to allow the dog to move quickly and with agility in rough terrain. A full grown Black Mouth Cur can be anywhere from 16 to 25 inches (40 to 63 cm) in height and has an average weight of 40 to 95 lbs (18 to 43 kg). From his stance I see Cur though either Mountain or Black Mouth, it is a straighter hind ends that leads to a stiff-legged stance (it is a Coonhound/Cur trait). A male Black Mouth Cur size at shoulder level is between 18-25 inches tall. The Black Mouth Cur is a medium sized dog, powerful and agile. Black Mouth Curs are known for their energy, loyalty and capacity to love an individual or a family. Gus was 7 months old at the time, so I lucked out. The average litter size for the Black Mouth Cur is between 3 and 9, though litters of up to 10 have been reported. As Black Mouth Curs and Labrador Retrievers are both large dogs, the mixture of the two breeds is also large. The Black Mouth Cur looks like a dog that is larger, but trim. Black muzzles are preferred. Size. The Texas Black Mouth Cur is supposed to originate from types of curs that were used for herding cattle and the paperwork for them was submitted by the Big Thicket Legacy. No doubt, the most famous Black Mouth Cur dog is Old Yeller portrayed in the novel and the Disney movie of the same name in the 1950s. She has long life span and healthy life. source This dog gets its name from its distinguishing feature: a ring of pigmentation surrounding its square-shaped muzzle. There is quite a bit of variation in the sizes and the colors of the different Black Mouth Curs, depending on the region they were bred and their breeders. Puppies. Description. The Black Mouth Cur is a well-muscled rugged herding, hunting, and all around utility (or work) dog whose coat comes in a number of colors and shades, generally all shades of fawn from nearly white to mahogany. The head is broad with a moderate stop and a moderately broad muzzle. Ears are set high and drop. Some Black Mouth Cur can be born with heavier coats while others within the same litter can be born with lighter coats. So if you’re thinking of owning this purebred breed type, she is likely to bless you with many years of companionship.

Right away I had him neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

The Black Mouth Cur is a powerful, agile tree dog of medium size.

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