Welcome to the temporary website of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Ontario has famous fishing rivers such as the Nipigon River, the Albany River, Dusey River and the Ogoki River to name a few that eventually run into James Bay or Hudson's Bay (on the Ontario side) and are producing world class fishing.

Each atlas presents a different theme of information and can be used to identify, evaluate, and explore conservation opportunities. The Savage River watershed of western Maryland contains >100 km of interconnected Brook Trout habitats [] and has been identified as a regionally important population stronghold.Within this larger drainage, we focused on the Big Run watershed, which contains about 24 km of perennial streams supporting Brook Trout. Materials and Methods. The following interactive atlases provide a means to explore mapped data related to brook trout populations, habitats, and threats in local watersheds and across their eastern range. Identification: Color is variable, depending on habitat. They can be found in every river in the province of Prince Edward island.

The abundance of adult rainbow trout and brook trout at this site were 198 fish/mile (±10) and 28 fish/mile (±28), respectively (Figure 1). Ontario is home to the best Brook Trout fishing in the world including being home to the World Record caught by Dr. Cook in 1915. It wasn’t as large as I’d expected, but large enough to hold a wild brook trout population. We are developing a new, dynamic, and user-friendly website that won’t be ready until late summer.

The majority of the rivers here support a healthy sea run brook trout population. The National Park Service (NPS) is entrusted with management of these populations in order to protect and preserve them for present and future generations. After another 75 yards of crawling through thick forest undergrowth, the small spring dumped into Rattling Run.

I followed it until it flattened out and ran into a grove of pine trees that enveloped the stream I was seeking. At the Village Park site, we captured seven adult wild brook trout ranging from 5.7-8.8 inches, producing an abundance of 80 fish/mile (±22) (Figure 2). Brook trout can be distinguished from other members of the trout family by the dark, wavy, worm-like line on their back and the white leading edges of their fins, including the tail. Some high elevation trout populations mature and reproduce at lengths smaller than 6 inches. Spring Brook Trout Population Estimate Technical Brief.

In total, 354 wild Brook Trout samples collected across 10 streams were analyzed using 12 microsatellite loci. Established populations of brook trout are not generally considered threatened.

I’m lucky enough to live in an area that brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) are still king. Floods and droughts are likely the main causes of population changes for brook trout. Spring Brook, flowing through the Village of Springville in southern Erie County, provides a rather unique fishery in Region Nine. Overharvesting can also presents a threat to populations of this fish.
A genetic analysis of wild brook trout in streams across Loyalsock Creek drainage has shown that the fish are very similar genetically, suggesting close relatedness among populations. Rainbow trout occupy 15.2% of these streams followed by brook trout which are found in 8.6% of the streams and brown trout which are found in 4.6% of the streams. Welcome to TU’s Brook Trout Atlas.

The Division of Wildlife studies and manages fish and wildlife populations and enforces hunting and fishing laws.

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