Las Vegas is also the county seat of Clark County.

When Miss Crisler added an extra star for a total of 37, the meaning of the stars was lost. Meaning of the Flag. What does "Nevada" mean? A yellow banner with the words "Battle Born" appears above the star, commemorating Nevada's entry to the Union during the Civil War. Nevada Flag Description: The flag of Nevada consists of a blue base with an emblem in the upper left corner. It is also known as the "Battle Born State" because it achieved statehood during the Civil War (the words "Battle Born" also appear on the state flag); as the "Sagebrush State", for the native plant of the same name; and as the "Sage-hen State". The state flag of Nevada bears the phrase ''battle born'', a reference to one of the state's nicknames (the Battle-Born State).

The star on the Nevada flag is meant to represent the northern position it had during the civil war.

This animal is the official state animal of California.

Nevada Flag History . The first Nevada state flag flown beginning in 1905 reflects Nevada's most famous mineral resources, silver and gold. Today, the flag continues to carry the 13 red and white alternating stripes and now displays 50 white, 5-pointed stars against a blue background, representing the 50 states. It pictures a yellow, flowing ribbon that reads "BATTLE BORN." Nevada. Nevada State Flag On a cobalt blue background in the upper left quarter is a five-pointed silver star between two sprays of sagebrush crossed to form a half wreath; across the top of the wreath is a golden scroll with the words, in black letters, "Battle Born."

The Flag Store Sign & Banner has decorative flags, State - World - American Flags, mailbox covers, advertising blades, windsocks, military merchandise, flagpoles, sports flags, flag banners, wind spinners, UNR Wolfpack memorabilia and more. When it es to nevada s state motto america flag nevada state how all 50 states got names reno flagRead More "Nevada State Flag Explanation" The second Nevada flag was designed by Miss Clara Crisler, a Carson City educator, club woman, and historian, in 1915. Las Vegas is a city in the American state of Nevada.There were 640,932 people living in the city in 2015, and more than 2,000,000 people living in the metropolitan area.It is the largest city in Nevada. State: Nevada. Using the State Seal as the main basis of the flag, it depicted a Nevada that embraced mining, industry, agriculture and its history. Although the colors of the flag did not originally hold a specific meaning, many people have since suggested the significance of the colors. It has a width-to-length ratio of 1 to 2. This flag now hangs in the Nevada State Museum located in Carson City. Again, the 36 stars indicated that Nevada was the 36th state admitted to the Union.

vertically striped red-white-red national flag with a large central red maple leaf. The silver star represents the state's riches in mineral wealth. Nevada is officially known as the "Silver State" because of the importance of silver to its history and economy. Flag Meaning: Green sagebrush branches encircle a silver star in the upper left hand corner of a dark blue rectangle. The name "Nevada" is beneath the star in gold letters.

It is also used in the design of the flag to represent strength. California Flag. Four more or less official state flags have been associated with the state of Nevada. Carolyn Goodman became the mayor in 2011.. Las Vegas and Las Vegans are often stereotypically characterized as fun-loving.

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