Your Swedish Lapphund will also be apt to develop the health conditions that could affect any dog of any breed, such as heart disease, heartworms, bone cancer, and parvo.

HISTORY. Like most spitz breeds, the Swedish Lapphund has an impressive history. Scientists recently uncovered a dog skeleton resembling the Lappie, which dates back more than 7000 years. Find Swedish Vallhund Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Swedish Vallhund information. Woof! The Swedish Lapphund (Svensk Lapphund) or Lapponian Dog is a Spitz type working dog originating from Sweden. The ribcage is long and oval, with well developed last ribs. A Swedish Lapphund dog can give birth from 4-6 puppies at a time. If you are planning to have a puppy of this breed, you will need to spend somewhere between $400 -$600. The Swedish Lapphunds are found in two colors: Black; Liver; Puppies Swedish Lapphund Puppies Image Via AKC. Bred to work outside, north of the Arctic Circle, they are strongly built and thickly coated. Which Dogs Are They Similar To? The Finnish Lapphund is the original native breed, and is still used today as a herding dog. The Swedish Lapphund is the national breed of Sweden and was the first dog registered by the Swedish Kennel Club.

In fact, this is one of the oldest Swedish dog breeds as well as one of three Lapphund breeds – other two being the Finnish Lapphund and Lapponian Herder – that were developed by ancient tribes of Sámi people from northern Scandinavia . Finding Swedish Lapphund (Imp) puppies for sale List. The breed has a greater substance than their size would suggest. The back is level, strong, muscular and springy. Find Finnish Lapphund Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Finnish Lapphund information. Look at pictures of Swedish Vallhund puppies who need a home. All Finnish Lapphund found here are from AKC-Registered parents. The Finnish Lapphund is the original native breed, and is still used today as a herding dog. The breed first came to the United States in 1987. Eventually, these herding Spitz type dogs developed into three breeds, the Swedish Lapphund, the Lapponian Herder, and the Finnish Lapphund. Swedish Lapphund Breeders | Swedish Lapphund Puppies | Swedish Lapphund Photos | Puppy Names Description: Swedish Lapphunds are a medium sized dog with profuse fur and a spitz-type tail. Why buy a Swedish Vallhund puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? In Finland, the first breed standards were set in 1945 by the Finnish Kennel Club, who called the breed the Lappish Herder, also known as Kukonharjunlainen.
The Swedish Lapphund (Swedish: Svensk lapphund) is a breed of dog of the Spitz type from Sweden, one of three Lapphund breeds developed from a type of dog used by the Sami people for herding and guarding their reindeer. Please select the area you would like to locate a puppy from the list below.
The chest is deep to the elbow, and there is prominent forechest.

A standard for the related Swedish Lapphund was adopted in 1944 in FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale), and the Finnish Lapphund standard soon followed.

The drawing of him shows a black, long coated and very typical Lapphund, but with a stumpy tail! The Average Price for the Swedish Lapphund breed in the UK is : £0 for KC Registered Dogs (Not Enough Data) £0 for Non KC Registered Dogs (Not Enough Data) This price is calculated by averaging all of the adverts placed for sale on the website throughout the year 2018, for the Swedish Lapphund dog breed.

The Swedish Lapphund was … Swedish Lapphund (Imp) puppies for sale Select Area. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Polyester Neck Gaiter Face Mask Swedish Lapphund Dog Reusable Shield Covering at the best online prices … The Swedish Lapphund, like so many other spitz breeds, are watchdogs as well as devoted family-dogs. The average lifespan for a Swedish Lapphund is 12 to 13 years. Swedish Lapphund price: $400-$600 If you choose to purchase the Swedish Lapphund, you should know that the mentioned amount of money is an average of the …

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