A hunting license and upland game bird stamp are required. NO WILD CATS ARE ALLOWED IN CALIFORNIA, without a permit. (562) 233-0315  There is a children's playground in the park, and numerous reservable and first-come, first-served picnic and barbeque facilities. We are a non-profit organization called Wild Feline Rescue.

* WE DO NOT SELL 100% WILD BLOOD ANIMALS. The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is a medium sized member of the North American wild cat family.

Like all lynxes, it has tufted ears, long powerful legs, and a short ‘bobbed’ tail. The Eurasian Lynx is a medium-sized wild cat, and is the largest lynx species, weighing between 18 and 30 kg (40 and 66 lb). The Purple Cat is a Thrift Store. Where safe and legal, hunt wild turkeys on your property, or allow others to hunt them. But when Bobbi Brink arrived with a meal of chilled chicken legs, the 120-pound animal slunk out into the sunshine, glancing … Yet, despite its wild-looking appearance, the cat is extremely docile—preferring the companionship of family and often seeking attention and affection. The center explicitly advocates for protection and restoration of wild wolves in California, providing education about the benefits of the large carnivores, and encouraging visitors to its website to speak out at state and federal levels to protect gray wolves. California’s wild turkey populations are healthy and growing. Hunting turkeys helps to control their populations and maintain their natural wariness of people. This charismatic feline generally weighs between 12 and 40 pounds. Wildcat Canyon has 25 miles of trails (mostly fire roads), including 2.5 miles of paved trail on Nimitz Way, and 6 miles of single track trails in the Tilden Nature Area. It has a red-brown spotted coat, with paler undersides. Although females are considerably smaller at 8 to 30 pounds.

ALPINE — Conrad the mountain lion hid in his cave at a wild cat sanctuary east of Alpine, his yellowish eyes peering warily at the visitors outside his fence. Wild Feline Rescue/Purple Cat Thrift Store, Crescent City, California. Our kittens are wild-hybrids. 257 likes. Controlling Wild Turkey Populations. Feel free to call me and I'm happy to tell you all about them! The California spangled cat was intentionally bred to resemble a leopard. California Spangled Cats “House-Leopard” Bred for a Cause. It can usually be identified at a distance by its short (4-6") bobbed tail and its round face with pointed ears. You can find out more about this beautiful wild cat here: Eurasian Lynx Facts

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