Apparel. Moose are at home in the water and, despite their staggering bulk, are good swimmers. Un-Guided Hunt Planner. Moose and people. Moose vary in size and shape.

This 22-page booklet is a great resource for any Alaska moose hunter, regardless of experience level.

The largest moose currently on record was a massive 1,808 pounds (820 kg).

Hunt Products. The smallest moose are found in its southernmost populations in Wyoming and Manchuria, where large bulls weigh 300–350 kg … Moose (Alces alces) at the edge of a frozen river. How Much Does A Baby Moose Weigh? Transporter Fees. At least that's the case for the top three Alaskan/Yukon moose. Alaska Has the World’s Largest Moose.

This moose had antlers that spread approximately 79 inches. Alaska’s frontier is enormous and so are some of the animals who call it home. The Alaska Moose Hunting Guidebook is now available.

Alaska’s frontier is enormous and so are some of the animals who call it home. Their colour varies from a little brown to a dusty black depending on the season and age of the animal. The Alaskan moose is widely hunted throughout its range and its meat is considered a delicacy in those snow-laden regions. The Alaskan moose is the largest subspecies of all, weighing in at between 660 pounds and 1,500 pounds (299-680 kg). Moose Statistics and Appearance Life span: 15-25 years Weight: 550-700 kg (1200-1500 lbs) Body length: 2.5-2.7 metres Moose are large even-toed herbivorous mammals, the largest of the deer family. The lifespan of a moose is about 15–25 years.

Up to thirty percent of its weight may be depleted before … (Could one say their bite is worse than the bark?) 1. All have a proven track record but all have unique drawbacks while solo bow-stalking bears.

The average height of a moose is approximately 6.2 feet at the shoulders with a weight around 1,200 pounds. The tallest moose on record is a male Alaskan moose that was first discovered in 1897, as it stood 7 feet and 8 inches at the shoulders and weighed 1,819 pounds.

The tallest moose on record is a male Alaskan moose that was first discovered in 1897, as it stood 7 feet and 8 inches at the shoulders and weighed 1,819 pounds. Purchase and Download for $19.95 through this link (PayPal and Credit cards accepted.) Welcome! Do it yourself hunting, (DIY) big game hunting across Alaska for Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Dall Sheep, Grizzly and salmon fishing charters. Alaska-Yukon Moose, as the name implies, live in the state of Alaska and the Yukon Territory and are the largest moose in North America, both in terms of body size and antler size.

Department of Transportation & Public Facilities PO Box 112500 (mailing) 3132 Channel Drive Juneau, Alaska 99811-2500 The largest moose ever recorded was a bull taken in the Yukon which weighed a ridiculous 1,800 pounds. In Alaska, moose live in a large area ranging from the Stikine River in Southeast Alaska all the way to the Colville River on the Arctic Slope. They are especially abundant on timberline plateaus; along the major rivers of Southcentral and Interior Alaska; and in recently burned areas that have generated dense stands of willow, aspen, and birch shrubs. Currently, most moose are found in Canada, Alaska, New England, Scandinavia, Latvia, Estonia and Russia.. Their habitats include boreal and mixed-deciduous forests in temperate and sub-arctic climates.. ... according to Alaska Fish and Game.

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