give the game away definition: 1. to spoil a surprise or a joke by telling someone something that should have been kept secret…. Learn more. On the other hand, Al-Ahly also suffered a loss, 1-0, in the same round, the semi-final, against the Orlando Pirates of South Africa in the away game.

Away game definition: a game played at an opponent's ground | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples What does give the game away expression mean? Definition of give the game away in the Idioms Dictionary. When the word is given the two participants Run Away from each other attempting to retain more of the anal beads than the other. The home team scored a goal in the eighth minute of the game, and Al-Ahly was not able to make up for it for another 82 minutes. Each person then stands Ass to Ass and clinches his or hers anus muscles as tight as they can. The Run Away Game, also knows as R.A.G for short, is when two people take a set of anal beeds and insert exactly half the beads into each person’s anus. To have an Away Game is to causually visit your next door neighbors room in a dorm or town house setting and then rush into their bathroom and lock the door to … give the game away phrase.

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