Get your Chinese Name and calligraphy for free, with +610,000 translations to choose from. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Mandarin Chinese Character Name Generator Welcome to the most-spoken language in the world. Japanese names are used in Japan and in Japanese communities throughout the world. The name "Gold Mountain" was initially applied to California. Yuan(圆) Chinese name meaning shining peace. Find more Japanese words at! 2. China has over 5000 years of history.

Chinese names are used in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. Whereas, the Sino root word for "Mei" translates into Korean as "Mi", while Guo translates as "Gook". These translations are made by native Chinese speakers, they are 100% reliable and are certified for the creating of a tattoo for example.
These translations are based on phonetics and consist of getting as close as possible to the accurate pronunciation of the name. AH LAM: Chinese name which means “Like an orchid”.

Meanings of names are very significant to the Chinese people. Chinese Background. Chinese name generator . You might just find that one of these great names is just the right blend of exotic "perfect-ness"...exactly what you were looking for. Yingtai(英台) Chinese name meaning flower terrace. Note that depending on the Japanese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here.

Each name is computer-generated and we encourage you to do further research on naming traditions and meanings for your exact region. Adrija: If you are looking for a peaceful and straightforward mountain girl names, then you may be attracted to this one. Share with us below which Chinese names you like the most and why you chose this name! 1. yue(月) Yuming(玉明) Chinese name meaning jade brightness. If you are more interested in finding out the meaning of Chinese girl names, or you are a parent looking for the right Chinese name for your baby girl, here are 100 Popular Chinese girl names that are simply Cute. (countable) An elevation of land of considerable dimensions rising more or less abruptly, forming a conspicuous figure in the landscape, usually having a small extent of surface at its summit. We hope you were able to learn more about Chinese names for girls, as well as the many meanings associated with their names. We spent the weekend hiking in the mountains. Japanese Surnames Home » Names. Also, during the Zhou dynasty (1122–221 bc), a duke of the state of Song enfeoffed the city of Hua to his son, whose descendants adopted the name of the city as their surname. Discover Chinese Boys Names & other fantastic boy names at Top 100 Baby Names Search. Adrija is a lovely Sanskrit name meaning ‘mountain-born.’ [ Read: Technology Inspired Baby Names ] 14. Chinese society progressed through 5 stages: Primitive, Slave, Feudal, Semi-Feudal, and Socialist. Well, at the very least a few of these great gems might make it to your short list. Chinese name meaning clever or eagle. Traditional Chinese male names connote prosperity, strength, and characteristics that parents hope their babies to inherit. If you’re looking for Chinese names, this Chinese name generator is built to be a starting point! Chinese : one source of the name is Hua mountain, from the time of the Xia dynasty (2205–1766 bc). The East originating with small tribes in Prehistoric times, great civilizations have emerged to form the rich culture we see today. Note that depending on the Chinese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. It has the second biggest total area of land, and has the biggest population of any country, 1.4 billion people.

Popular Chinese Girl Names. ... From Japanese 山 meaning "mountain… This name generator will generate 10 random Chinese names. Migook (미국). Supposedly, the story goes, the racial epithet "Gook" originated from the Korean war, during which the Koreans referred to themselves at the time as 국인 (Gook ein), which is a shortening of 한국인 (Han gook ein), or their full name for their racial group. Page 1 of Chinese Baby Names - Search our FREE Database for Religious, Biblical, Tough Boy Names, strong boy names, traditional names, unique names, modern and rare baby names.

Carmel: Mount Carmel is a coastal mountain in northern Israel.
China is one of the biggest country on Earth in a couple of ways. Yubi(玉璧) Chinese name meaning jade emerald. Japanese words for mountain include 山, マウンテン, 山岳, 岳, 山山 and 山出し.

Chinese girl names are given to represent the virtues and gifts parents hope their daughters will have, such as intelligence and kindness. See also about Chinese names. Yu(玉) Chinese name meaning jade or rain.

History. Mountain Baby Names For Girls: 13. Chinese names may be short, but they’re packed with meaning and sometimes even a bit of history. They believe that a good name brings fame and respect to the bearer and a name with bad meaning brings a hard life.

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