The … Not saying that a CVA can't be accurate at most shooters hunting ranges, but they just don't show in long range shooting. CVA introduced its new OPTIMA V2 LR muzzleloading rifle at the S.H.O.T. CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloading Rifle with KonusPro 3-9 x 40mm Scope an... Our price was $409.99 through $459.99 now $368.99 through $413.99 Our Price: Sharing its name with its popular predecessor, the new V2 has more features than any muzzleloader rifle in its price range. The CVA™ Optima V2 LR Nitride Scope Combo comes with a 3-9x40mm bore-sighted Konus™ Pro 275 Ballistic Reticle Scope and a durable CVA rifle case. Registered Users do not see the above ad.

CVA’s fix is to disassemble and send in just the damaged part, I pay shipping of course.

All Optima V2 rifle models featured in the CVA catalog and on the CVA website feature stainless steel or Nitride-treated stainless steel barrels. The KonusPro® 275™ scope was designed especially for muzzleloaders, helping to take the guess work out of hold over angles for even the most difficult of shots. Optima's have been made with either a 26"in or 28"in barrels.....mine is a 26"in and I too have only shot 100gr 777 loads..been satisfied. The Optima V2 LR’s additional two inches of barrel length combined with a thumbhole stock allow for increased stability, making it ideal for longer-range shooting—hence the “LR” in the new muzzleloader’s name. May 25, 2016 - In 2015, CVA introduced the Accura V2 LR or “Long Range” model. Then it will take take 4-6 weeks to repair and return. The trigger pull on the CVA Accura Thumbhole LR Muzzleloader Rifle was two pounds right out of the box, very crisp and without creep. Rating "This is a updated review on my CVA Optima V2/LR 28" Nitride Camo Thumbhole Stock . continue reading Price Match (1) CVA OPTIMA V2 w/KonusPro 3-9x40mm Scope Outfit Package $ 367.00. Add in CVA’s Quick-Release Breech Plug (which is finger removable), 100% ambidextrous stock, and a CrushZone® recoil pad, and you’ve got a gun with more quality features than any other muzzleloading rifle in its price range. CVA bad experience/review. While still maintaining the same great price point and quality as the CVA® Optima™, the V2 LR™, or Long Range, will boast a 28” nitride coated stainless steel barrel. (Photo: CVA) CVA adds a new long gun to its lineup of Optima mid-level muzzleloaders, rolling out the new CVA Optima V2 LR. Newbie here. And it comes standard with a DuraSight DEAD-ON one-piece scope mount, and CVA… CVA Accura Thumbhole LR Muzzleloader Package w/Konus Pro 275 3-10x44mm riflescope (Review by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary) The CVA Optima Pro Rifle (Article by Randy Wakeman) The CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloading Rifle (Review by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary) CVA Optima V2 Black Nitride Muzzleloading Rifle (Review by Dr. Jim and Mary Clary) The rifle was met with rave reviews from hunters and muzzleloader shooters all across the country. This muzzleloader is packed with features. Show recently in Las Vegas, NV. I have an Optima V2 sitting in a FedEx warehouse 15 miles from me at the moment that I am anxiously waiting for delivery tomorrow. Real nice of them to send a damaged gun and expect me to spend money and time for their mistake. The CVA Optima V2 rifle was introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. We commend CVA for …

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No one from CVA showed to shoot, even their new Paramount.

This muzzleloader has a 43” overall length and a 14” length of pull.

I said in the other review I was going to switch to those THOR bullets well it didn't happen I talked with Power Belt & they helped me get a good MAGNUM LOAD BULLET & they are the Power belt Platinum 270 grain so my wife bought me 2 … Recently purchased a new CVA optima with this damage from factory. Recently purchased a new CVA optima with this damage from factory. New for 2017 and updated for 2018, the CVA® Optima V2 LR ™ Nitride Rifle is the newest addition to the CVA family.

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