Platforms. Duck Season Steam Achievements, Trophies and Unlocks. Click Here To go to the Best Men Ending. Shoot the sitting duck in the duck world. Question spoiler. < >-< >-Duck Season > General Discussions > Topic Details. By Manly ***THIS GUIDE IS FULL OF SCARY SPOILERS. The Dog, or referred to as Dog, is the main antagonist of Duck Season and appears many times in the game. Shot the sun with the golden shell. After the 'fiesta' ending press skip and go back to the livingroom. The Dog has two types of costumes: The dog "laughing dog" nick named from the original Nintendo game called Duck Hunt featuring the same dog mascot that picks up the birds after when you shoot them in the air. After the 'fiesta' ending press skip and go back to the livingroom. BackPack. 1. Hit the baseball with the bat into the kitchen. Duck Season Cheat Codes: ----- Submitted by: David K. Endings: ----- After your first play through the game will give you New Game+ and at this point if you want to grind out the endings it is recommended to do this in Easy mode because you don’t have to reload and each level is only 1 wave instead of 3 and drastically speeds up the process. Duck Season launched on 14th September on Oculus Home and Steam. Sep 18, 2017 @ 8:42am. This ending is achieved by never shooting the dog throughout the game. You will find a new VHS tape saying 'it's me' and you will get the 'Dog Ending'. Get the Fiesta Ending, but do NOT put Final Fiesta in the console. Very triumphant and satisfying. Endings . Any platform PC HTC Vive Oculus VR. It was developed by Stress Level Zero, the studio that made Hover Junkers on Vive. He Got In!!

“Fiesta” Ending Edit.

Created by. TrueSteamAchievements. In the next scene, you are forced to watch the gruesome murder from above. Dog Ending This must be completed after you have the other 6 endings. Moderated by: B a b y h u e h n c h e n B a b y h u e h n c h e n. Advertisement (Log in to hide) Fiesta Ending Best Men Ending Nuke Ending Canon Ending Stuck Forever Killed Ending Secret Ending 100% Filter . 'Fiesta' Ending Don't shoot the dog at all during playthrough 'Final Dog' Ending Play through the game a final time after obtaining 6/7 endings and don't shoot the dog. How to Trigger the Ending Edit. Home Run. There are 46 Duck Season achievements, trophies and unlocks on STEAM platform curated by the community. Search Duck season vr like a mexican Videos . Cannon Ending. How to Trigger the Ending Edit Upon starting the first level, antagonize the Dog by shooting at him.

When you load back into the livingroom the fiesta game will be on the floor but also this time there will be a VHS tape that reads “its me” on the side. Oculus - £14.99 / $19.99 ... (Billy Bob) throughout my playthrough so I got a pretty happy ending (Fiesta). Share. Do the Fiesta ending again but this time you will see a different cardboard cutout during the bedtime sequence and he will be looking at a VHS tape. 2 years ago.
Very Happy and Fun! I can't seem to get the fiesta ending for the life of me. The Dog can come from the Closet, down the stairs, or from the screen door. Lucid Dream - Will You Be Able To Escape This Nightmare? Manly Online Category: Achievements. Duck Season - All 7 Endings Walkthrough/Guide (+ Wizard Book) (VR … Full list of all 23 Duck Season achievements. Close • Posted by 6 minutes ago. - Duck Season VR [Ending] 2 months ago. So is there any way I can drop my gun in Duck Season PC Fiesta ending and enjoy the ending fully. Canon Ending . 00:00 Ending 1 - Trapped Forever 02:11 Ending 2 - Death 04:16 Ending 3 - REVENGE AT LAST! ManlyBadassHero. share. This ending is an extension of the Fiesta Ending. comment. 'Fiesta' Ending Don't shoot the dog at all during playthrough 'Final Dog' Ending Play through the game a final time after obtaining 6/7 endings and don't shoot the dog.

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