Voice Actor: N/A Age: N/A. Photos of the Final Fantasy VII Remake (Game) voice actors. Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Tifa Lockhart and other major 'Final Fantasy VII' characters will be sporting new voices in "FFVII Remake." His first involvement comes during AVALANCHE's second mission against the Mako Reactors. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the first in a planned series of games remaking the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII.It covers the first section of the original game, set in the metropolis Midgar; IGN estimated that Remake covers approximately 10-15% of the original game's story. A former soldier joins an eco-terrorist group in a mission against the electric power company he used to work for in order to protect the planet and their environment. Rufus Shinra (ルーファウス神羅, Rūfausu Shinra) is the former Vice President of Shinra, who is promoted to President after his father is killed by Jenova. Here is the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Voice Actor Cast List. Here's the voice acting cast announced so far. Final Fantasy 7 Remake voice actors and cast With so many fantastic characters in FF7 Remake, it would take quite a while to go over all of them and their respective cast members. Following the death of his father - President Shinra - at the hands of Sephiroth, he is instantly made President of the company and flies in to the ShinRa building to take up his new position. Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (abbreviated as FF7:MA) is an abridged series by TeamFourStar based on the classic PlayStation RPG Final Fantasy VII, created by Takahata101 (Curtis Arnott) and Antfish (Anthony Sardinha). President Shinra's role in Final Fantasy VII is actually quite minor, despite being the person who took ShinRa from a small arms company to a global super power. President Shinra James Horan is the English dub voice of President Shinra in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Genzo Wakayama is the Japanese voice. DQXI, Final Fantasy XV, XIII, and this one are such examples. With Cody Christian, Briana White, Britt Baron, John Eric Bentley. 58 images (& sounds) of the Final Fantasy VII Remake cast of characters. Directed by Tetsuya Nomura. The series is a comical take on the original game's story, which revolves around Cloud Strife and the crew of AVALANCHE as they fight to save the world from total … Voice Actor: N/A Age: N/A. Final Fantasy VII Antagonist. Video Game: Final Fantasy VII Remake Shortly after the start of Final Fantasy VII, Rufus Shinra's dreams are realised. After keeping it closes to its chest, Square Enix finally reveals the star-studded Final Fantasy 7 Remake voice actor and cast list. Final Fantasy VII Remake (Video Game 2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Depends on the localization.

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