The text is referenced often in film and TV (such as in Four Weddings and a Funeral and Gavin and Stacey).
An elegiac stanza is a quatrain written in iambic pentameter, usually with the rhyme scheme ABAB.

The poem presents a mixture of traditional and nontraditional elements, reflecting one …
Auden presents “Funeral Blues” as an elegy to a loved one who is deceased.

"Funeral Blues" is written in quatrains, and it does make use of iambic pentameter, but it's highly irregular in its meter, with extra syllables here and wonky feet there. Form and Tone in Funeral Blues ‘Funeral Blues,’ is a classic elegy. Here's where the "more or less" comes in.

While the narrator does not go into specific detail about the loss suffered, the feelings of loss are very present.

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