BITTER: It's not clear whether BoJo drank the pint (Pic: GETTY) “I needed a wee but when I was in the loo I thought ‘this is an opportunity of a lifetime’.
"I dipped my knob in Boris Johnson's … Car SOS co-host Fuzz Townshend said he pulled a prank on Boris Johnson while they were having a drink at a pub in south London (Image: GRAHAM YOUNG) Read More . ProudLib72: Apr 2019 #3: A little knob for the knob. He thought: "I have a politician here, it doesn't matter which politician". A television host has bizarrely claimed he secretly dipped his penis in Boris Johnson's pint as a prank. 2.

Polybius : Apr 2019 #2: This is Lounge material. Criminal.

W_HAMILTON: Apr 2019 #1: Lol! Fuzz Townshend tévés egy politikus sörébe lógatta a péniszét. Vissza nem térő lehetőségnek tartotta Fuzz Townshend a Boris Johnson politikussal való találkozást. "Fuzz Townshend sensationally claims he dipped his privates in Boris Johnson's pint" - What are the possible legal repercussions of this? So I dipped my k*** in Boris Johnson’s pint and then topped it up with mine.

Ám nem egy jó beszélgetésre, hanem arra, hogy egy politikus sörébe lógassa a péniszét. Pop Will Eat Itself drummer Fuzz Townshend says he dipped his penis in Boris Johnson's pint (Original post) Polybius: Apr 2019: OP: I just checked this thread to make sure you weren't having a stroke while posting that title. Fuzz said he then went up to the bar but the barrel had to be changed, so he brought his friend's drinks back to the table before the staff could pull Mr Johnson's pint. I must be wrong though, because that's exactly what Car SOS presenter Fuzz Townshend decided to do, and to Boris Johnson's pint, no less.

Fuzz Townshend, who hosted Car SOS on National Geographic channel, said prank was 'an opportunity of a lifetime' and that the ex-Foreign Secretary had no idea. Posted by 9 months ago. PANK: Fuzz Townshend (right) and Tim Shaw host the show Car SOS (Pic: DRIVETUBE) Related Articles.

Close. It's not clear if Johnson drank the supposedly tampered-with pint. Archived "Fuzz Townshend sensationally claims he dipped his privates in Boris Johnson's pint" - What are the possible legal repercussions of this? Townshend felt an urge to go in there, and when he was standing in the lavatory, still holding Johnson's pint, it struck him that it was an "opportunity of a lifetime".

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