Befriend Duke the bartender by giving him very berries.

They can be collected in the mountains and sold for money. You have 3 years to get the farm up and running before your dad evaluates you on your progress. Each individual aspect of the game is broken down into easily digestible videos. This is the definitive Reddit source for video game collectors or those who would like to start collecting interactive entertainment. Events Kifu Fairy Dance . 2. You inheriting recently deceased grandfather's farm.

Harvest Moon 64 Cheats. It sells no goods, but the area is important if the player wants to complete everything or marry Karen. It can accessed by traveling up the hill that is in the crossroads between the player's farm and the village. Step 1 – Befriending Duke (The Bartender) To Get The Heavenly Wine: Duke is the bartender in Harvest Moon 64. Although other Nintendo 64 games fully utilized the system's advanced graphics chip in developing superior graphics using complex rendering, Harvest Moon 64's graphics are limited in comparison, being referred to as "simple" or "basic". Restoring the Vineyard This Harvest Moon 64 related page is a stub, you can help the Harvest Moon NeoWiki by expanding it .
All mechanics explained, all cutscenes, all power nuts, all recipes, all photos and more! Harvest moon 64 map.

Harvest Moon Paradise Welcome to Harvest Moon Paradise.Your source for guides on Harvest Moon since 2002. Avatar Gallery . Visits ; Newsfeeds ; Gallery; Link to us Special Tools by Owen: There are different “special tools” you can get from different villagers after you befriend them. Harvest Moon: 64 is considered by many as a "masterpiece", despite criticisms that this game could have had better graphics and music. Save a vegetable from a harvest. Having harvest moon localized to English in house was the best decision marvelous ever made. Given the importance of the social aspect of the game, Harvest Moon 64 has an impressively large cast of characters. Also see GameShark Codes for more Harvest Moon 64 cheat codes.. Jump to: Glitch (2) Tip (34) Cheat (16) I'm in second summer and everyone is married except Karen, because I forgot you have to befriend the harvest sprites, so I haven't restored the vineyard yet. Foraged Items are items in Harvest Moon 64. If you befriend him he will tell you that Elli's grandfather took care of him and brought him to Flower Bud village 10 years ago. 1. Here is a list of the tools, when to trigger the events and what to give each person to befriend them the fastest.

Continue giving Duke gifts until he gives you the "Door to Heaven" wine. In this version of Harvest Moon, you can only see your friendship level with the marriage candidates by looking at the color of the visible heart on their conversation dialog box. A long time ago, Karen's grandmother made very profitable, good wine at the Vineyard, but unfortunately, very little of this wine is left, and this puts the Vineyard in trouble. Here we go! Moon mountain before bridge. She is the one who sells you the tools needed throughout the game. The Vineyard is a location in Harvest Moon 64. A 100% Perfect Walkthrough for Harvest Moon 64.

I hope the original developers make a sequel to harvest moon 64. The player does not have to plant or cultivate them. At the same time, begin to befriend the Harvest Sprite that lives in the cave at Mountain. You can find him every night (aside from Sundays) from 6pm-12am behind the bar. Any age. For Harvest Moon 64 on the Nintendo 64, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Karen's Dad Become Your Friend? He can sell you wood and make extensions on your house. Make sure to talk to him each night at least twice. You will need to get an affection of 40 with Duke to acquire some Heavenly Wine that your grandfather left for you. He plays a key part in unlocking Karen's photo, "Kifu Fairy Dance". He says that your grandfather wanted him to give it to you. Harvest Moon 64 Story. Ann - She works at the tool shop.

The available foraged items are different for a given season. For characters from other games in the series, check out the Characters page here. Carpenter - The Carpenter works in town. The Player Character, he used to visit the farm during the summer as a child.
He's also Jeff's (The Master at the Bakery)'s cousin. ". ♥ The night after saving the Vineyard, Fall 7th, if Karen has a Pink Heart, she'll come to your farm and ask you to see the Kifu Fairies kissing the grapes at the Vineyard. You must befriend him to obtain the Door to Heaven, a wine that was left to Duke when he …

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