is the emission rate of a given pollutant relative to the intensity of a specific activity, or an industrial production process; for example grams of carbon dioxide released per megajoule of energy produced, or the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions produced to gross domestic product (GDP). Coal is the most carbon intensive, followed by oil and then natural gas.

The scale uses the global warming potential unit, the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO Posted on August 28, 2009 by Rob May 6, 2015. Fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are chock full of hydrocarbons. While carbon alone is a good source of energy--anthracite coal is a good example--carbon also has an amazing ability to bond with hydrogen and form hydrocarbons. An emission intensity (also carbon intensity, C.I.) Measurement of life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions involves calculating the global-warming potential of electrical energy sources through life-cycle assessment of each energy source.

"Carbon" is shorthand for greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and F-gases. These gases are released by many different types of … The findings are presented in units of global warming potential per unit of electrical energy generated by that source.

Lifecycle GHG emissions of various sources of crude – Alberta. Fossil fuels are high carbon sources of electricity while other generation sources are low carbon. Category Archives: High Carbon Energy Sources. Solar PV and geothermal are slightly more carbon intensive than other non-fossil sources, but still very low carbon compared to any fossil fuel.

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