This is an interesting question that has two different answers, possibly three. Despite an increasing rate of species discovery, as much as 95 percent of the world's oceans remain unexplored. As of the year 2000, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimated that as much as 95 percent of the world's oceans and 99 percent of the ocean floor are unexplored. The deepest point in Mariana trench is known as ‘challenger deep’. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest living organism on Earth and can be seen from the moon. The ocean contains more than 96 percent of the Earth’s water. Approximately five percent of the ocean has been discovered, which leaves 95 of the ocean unexplored. this post was submitted on 25 Jan 2019. get reddit premium. This deep, crescent shaped trench was formed by ocean to ocean subduction about millions of years ago. Most of the ocean is unexplored — about 95 percent of this underwater realm is unseen by human eyes. 99% of the Earth’s water. Note that many of the mapping tracks are between common commercial shipping ports, and along busy coastlines. Colossal coral reef . The depth of this point is estimated to be 10,994 meters. 95,000 miles of shoreline. 'But we think the deep sea is less diverse than we thought previously. This leaves most of the world’s oceans largely unexplored! Ask a stupid question. It may look like much of the ocean has been covered when zooming out, but zoom in and take a look around. 'When you go to the deep sea, every time you take a sample, you'll find a new species,' he says. Exploring these regions deep below the ocean's surface is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. login. There are major gaps in the middle of oceans as well as in the polar regions where additional mapping is needed. Ocean mysteries scientists still can t dr jon copley deep sea discovery could unlock s voyager how much of the earth is truly ocean life remains undiscovered How Much Of The Ocean Have We ExploredHow Much Of The Ocean Have We Explored WorldatlasDo We Really Know More About E Than The Deep OceanVoyager How Much […] Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Located in Western Pacific ocean, Mariana trench is the deepest part on Earth.

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