This allows the soil of the heart to be prepared for the seed of the gospel--plowed and broken up if you will-- see parable of the soils in Matthew 13. Questions are non threatening. People have opinions on almost every subject, and they love to share them (point 1). Why? The Lord Jesus Himself said we should just focus on preaching the Gospel to all.

A second reason why questions are good: 2.

So for sharing the gospel, I did evangelism training with Way of the Master which uses the law to get the person to not think of themselves as a good person-- for ALL have sinned and there is NO ONE righteous. We can't force people to believe in Christ; our job is only to preach to people about Him. Then we would go on to share the gospel with them after the survey was over.

Bible verse T-shirts is a simple way to share the gospel. Be mindful of how you dress, your behavior, as well as how you converse with others. "What if they don't believe the Gospel?" Specifically check out the milestone entitled “Family Time.” Best Use To teach your kids to obey share the Gospel with unbelievers. They ask. For more great ideas on how to teach the value of sharing the Gospel with unbelievers check out the resources available from Faith Path at the Faith@Home Center. As I said, about 85-90% of the people who we walked up to on the street wanted to take part in the survey. "What if I share and they reject me?" #2 BIBLE VERSE T-SHIRTS. Many Christians feel discouraged from sharing the Gospel, thinking that the people they could share it to just might not believe. The lifestyle we live also serves as a witness to others.

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