I don’t recommend individuals keeping any wild animal as a pet. I will explain my view by way of my experience keeping a wild texas bark scorpion.
Eastern indigo snakes are large, black, non-venomous snakes found in the Everglades and other areas in the southeastern United States. What is the importance of the eastern indigo snake, and why release snakes into the wild? I was working on my Texas Master Naturalist certification.

Mail order specimens can bring as much as US $225. It is widely distributed throughout central and South Florida, but primarily occurs in sandhill habitats in northern Florida and southern Georgia. The eastern indigo snake is classified federally as threatened and is protected. Eastern indigo snakes were listed as threatened because of dramatic population declines caused by over-collecting for the domestic and international pet trade as well as mortalities caused by rattlesnake collectors who gassed gopher tortoise burrows to … Blue indigo snake, blue bull snake, blue gopher snake, black snake, and indigo Size 3.9-7.7 ft (1.1-2.34 m) Weight 52.8 oz (3.3 lb) Color Lateral and dorsal scales are blue-black, ventral scales are iridescent Distribution Habitat The greatest threats to the snake are loss of habitat, the practice of putting gas down a burrow by rattlesnake hunters, and the pet trade. It is also protected in Alabama under the non-game regulation. Indigo snakes begin breeding between the months of November and …

Second, it takes a LOT of habitat to support them. USFWS photo. Even some popular pet snake species will kill and eat other snakes if housed together, and certain circumstances were to apply. Everything you need to know about them is contained in this article. The eastern indigo snake is a large, black, non-venomous snake found in the southeastern U.S. The Eastern Indigo Snake is popular as a pet, but it is also now in severe decline. Alaska. A snake that eats other snakes is known as an ‘ophiophagic’ snake. The eastern indigo snake ’s genus name ‘ Drymarchon ’ means lords of the forest in Greek while the scientific name has been given after James Hamilton Couper, an American planter. Eastern indigo snake. Feb 9, 2016 - Explore stankydo39's board "Indigo" on Pinterest. Guide Wildlife as pets ... Snakes you can have as a pet: Snakes you cannot have as a pet: All species of boas & pythons (family Boidae), regardless of size, except rare species and those listed as unlawful ... Texas Indigo Snake (Drymarchon corais erebennus) Tropical rat snakes (Spilotes species) Water snakes (Nerodia species) They are not very numerous compared to other species of snakes where they occur. Click the snake pictures below to be taken to the corresponding list of reptiles available for purchase. Therefore, the eastern indigo snake is in the unenviable position of being killed by some and collected by others. One adult male Indigo will have a home range of as much as 800 acres, females typically about 350 acres or so.
These include kingsnakes, king cobras, racer snakes, and eastern indigo snakes. Being at the I was working on my Texas Master Naturalist certification. They eat a wide variety of animals, including small mammals, birds, frogs, turtles, turtle eggs and other snakes — even venomous species like cotton mouths and rattlesnakes. The Eastern Indigo Snake is popular as a pet, but it is also now in severe decline. (3) Permits are required to study, work Eastern Indigo Snake - Facts. Description: The Eastern Indigo Snake is a large, dark blue - which is almost black when it becomes as adult - snake that may grow to a length of 5-6 feet. There are many snake species that frequently eat snakes. Eastern indigo snake.

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