That means you cannot own any animal that is naturally found in the wild in the US, as a pet. I have always wanted a pet fox. Resident landowners and tenants can trap a red fox that is causing damage on their own property without a permit from the DNR. Georgia Knife Laws Future Predictions Florida is an unusual state when it comes to exotic pet laws, and there are both good and bad aspects of their regulations. I know that some places allow people to legally own a fox, but I don't know any details. In the united states, it is illegal to own any animal that is indigenous to the US as a pet. Are foxes legal YES (all federally legal species of foxes can be owned in N.W.T. Not every fox is legal in every state; some require permits and in some areas none are legal. I’m blessed that I live in a state in which it is legal to own a fox. The good: Florida allows quite a few smaller exotic pets that are largely banned in other states for no logical reason. The fox must be euthanized or released within the county of capture on private property on which you have permission to release the fox. Georgia law does not allow any other governing body to pass more restrictive knife laws than what the state legislature has already passed. Which states allow this? if you are given a permit by the Deputy Minister and go through the application process, which includes the submission of a health certificate for the fox, given by a licensed veterinarian, indicating the animal is in good health). Can anyone tell me information about foxes that they have had as pets? Red foxes are particularly my favorite.

In which US states is it legal to own a fox? Perhaps the most important change in the 2017 Georgia knife law concerns legal uniformity. There are many different breeds of foxes, and there are many different states. I'm pretty sure that the quickest way to find out is to contact the fish and game department in Georgia and go through permits and ask if it is legal (or if a permit is needed) to own a fennec fox. In Georgia, minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to own or carry knives.

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