Of course, this is not for her need, but it is so a surprise litter being born does not … Read all you need to know about correct Jackson's chameleon care here! March 19, 2017. This will save you a lot of stress, and does your new pet a big favor too. During the day, the cool area should be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 27 Celsius), while the warm area should be between 80 and 85 F (27 to 29 C) for Jackson’s Chameleons, or 90 and 100 F (32 to 38 C) for Veiled Chameleons.
You can increase the humidity by misting the enclosure at least twice a day while monitoring the humidity with a hygrometer. The Jackson's chameleon is a diurnal arboreal lizard native to Kenya and Tanzania, with a significant invasive population in Hawaii. If the enclosure is large enough, there may also be temperature differences at different heights. Caring for Pet Chameleons How to Care for Jackson's Chameleons In captivity, the Jackson's chameleon can be expected to live between five and ten years. For Jackson's chameleons, a daytime temperature gradient of about 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 26.5 degrees Celsius) should be provided, with a basking spot up to a maximum of 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius). For Jackson's chameleons, that means one end of the cage should be the preferred ambient temperature, and one end should be at the basking temperature. Lizards shed their skin on a regular basis, so keep humidity levels well-regulated and provide things that aid in the process of shedding such as sphagnum moss or a shedding box. Since this species of chameleon lives in a place where the humidity averages around 65 percent throughout the year (never below 50), you should mist the lizard, the enclosure and any sticks and trees in at least twice a day. Approximate investment without chameleon purchase: $440-480 USD. Care Sheet For Jackson's Chameleons. In captivity, Jackson's chameleons require high humidity, and are in general very needy of colder temperatures during the night. Female Jackson’s chameleons are best kept in cages with mesh no greater than ¼” squares. Jackson’s Chameleons are among the popular chameleons people keep as pets. References For the newbie chameleon hobbyist and even veteran reptile enthusiasts, Jackson’s Chameleons are a great option to keep as pets. But chameleon care is, unfortunately, much more involved than can be presented on a summary sheet. Keeping a Jackson’s chameleon fully hydrated is important. Keep in mind that these supplies should be purchased and set up BEFORE you get the chameleon. Their dinosaur-esque horns, convenient size, and ready availability make them popular as pets in the US. These chameleons also should not be housed together or with other species of reptile. Rainfall averages 30 … Soaking your chameleon one to two times a week for 10 minutes a piece helps with hydration and reduces the risk of kidney diseases caused by chronic dehydration. Handling With Jackson ’s chameleons it is best to approach with deliberate slow movements. Once a month, remove the chameleon and plant to give the enclosure a thorough cleaning using a reptile-safe disinfectant.
Let It Rain. However, this chameleon is sometimes aggressive, so they should be kept individually in their cages, and their handling should be kept to a minimum. The Jackson’s Chameleon Care Summary distills the most important aspects of husbandry care into an easily referenced handout. A Jackson’s chameleon is a wonderful chameleon to keep, as they are beautifully colored, and the males have three horns. This website is the home of the Kenyan Xanth Project which seeks to make pure Kenyan Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus bloodlines available to US breeders and keepers.

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