Are you ready? Blind.

Korn´s song Daddy from their first album "Korn". This place inside my mind A place I'd like to hide You don't know the chances What if I should die?! The last part "I can't see I can't see I'm going blind" is him drifting …

This place inside my mind, A place I like to hide You don't know the chances. Liar. korn is a damn awesome band and all those who say they suck can kiss my ass. This place inside my mind, A place I like to hide. "When I was a kid, I was being abused by somebody else and I went to my parents and told them about it, and they thought I was lying and joking around. Coming Undone. Denfinity the most complete KoRn song but not their best. Trenton from Oklahoma City, Ok I love how we can't agree on a meaning. sort form View by: Highest Rated ... but not as great as most korn. Politics. from album: Korn (1994) Are you ready?! This is one of favorite Korn songs. Hypocrites. Lyrics to 'Creep' by Korn: When you were here before Couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel Your skin makes me cry i like all sorts of music and im not considered a freak for likin korn.. ckgamer64on May 13, 2003 Link. Ass Itch song meanings Add your thoughts 26 Comments. Korn Lyrics "Blind" Are you ready?! It's basically about fantasy lives we escape to in our mind's. Getting Off. Souvenir. The version on KoRn 3 (bonus track) is intense, I saw them live three times and this song always gets the crowd going. I don't really like to talk about that song. This song is all about how John's focus in life was only drugs, and he was "blind" to everything else. Now I play KoRn, Van Halen, Rage Against The Machine, and Pink Floyd. What if I should die?!

Are you ready?

When life is just to much, and we just wanna try and find some happiness. Song Meaning This is a very strong emotional song. Throw Me Away. Blind is about drug addiction.

Chad from Houston, Tx i never learned that song eh never learned any korn song except play me; Ian from New York, Ny I love that opening! Open Up .

KORN Blind Lyrics. We create fallacies in our mind to block out all the negativity in the world. Freak On A Leash (Dante Ross Mix) album: "See You On The Other Side" (2005) Twisted Transistor.

A place inside my brain, Another kind of pain You don't know the chances. Once Shinn had the song ready, he … 10 Or A 2-Way. these lyrics are last corrected by Georges Moustaki browse other artists under K: K2 K3 K4 K5 Songwriter(s) : Dennis Shinn, Brian Welch, David Silveria, Jonathan Davis , Reginald Arvizu, James Shaffer, Ryan Shuck Anyway, Eddie, the first riff I learned on guitar was "Get Back" by The Beatles. Music and structure "Blind" had been written while Jonathan Davis was in Sexart before he left the band to join Korn.The song was composed entirely by Dennis Shinn - being both music, and vocal melodies / lyrics, in December 1992. Love Song. The "Blind" part is about not being able to see anything but his addiction. Tim from Springfield , Il I agree that this about jonathan's drug problems. "Blind" lyrics. Korn lyrics - 223 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Another Brick In The Wall, Parts 1, 2, 3", "A Different World", "Freak On A Leash". Lyrics to 'Blind' by Korn. Completley defines the meaning of early Korn!

They never did shit about it. This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide You don't know the chances, what if I should die? I'm so blind!

also, all those who think korn lovers are freaks and all are suck!

For No One. Korn – Blind Lyrics. You don't know the chances, (A place inside my brain, another) Kind of pain You don't know the chances, I'm so blind Blind, blind Another place I find, to escape the pain inside You don't know the chances, what if I should die?

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