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NOLS Pacific Northwest | The outdoors are waiting. We specialize in courses for outdoor educators and trip leaders, and our easy-to-access facilities in Conway, Wash., an hour north of Seattle, were specifically designed to support NOLS' educational expeditions. Terms and Restrictions LGBTQ+ Pacific Northwest Backpacking Photo by Oscar Manguy NOLS is part of who I am now. Grow as a leader during a month in the wilderness. Explore the remote and rugged North Cascade Range as you turn your passion for education in the outdoors into a skill you can use to foster a love of learning in others. NOLS Pacific Northwest runs sea kayaking, rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, and … As you hone your outdoor skills, connect with wild places in a new way. For the Wilderness EMT, NOLS will match your education award up to $300. Earn leadership skills, academic credit, and a new perspective on your place in the world on a NOLS study abroad course. 17+ yrs Tuition. HELP! 50 days. Read stories and trip advice from the leader in wilderness education. NOLS Pacific Northwest, Mount Vernon, Washington. TBA ... On this course, you'll join a diverse group of trip leaders for an overview of the NOLS curriculum in a setting designed for leaders and educators who don't have a lot of time or a huge budget. I can put up a tent anywhere and sleep anywhere and I long for the days alone in the woods.” — Nicolas S., NOLS Semester in the Pacific Northwest grad NOLS Pacific Northwest Course. The Pacific Northwest is the birthplace of the outdoor industry, and NOLS has been the region's outdoor education pioneer for more than 35 years. it@nols.org 2020-02-19T15:38:14-08:00 Pacific Northwest Olympic Peninsula Community Museum Northwestern Olympic Peninsula communities and The University of Washington worked together to create this Web-based museum. The North Olympic Library System (NOLS) is a junior taxing district providing public library services to all of Clallam County, Washington, United States. For open-enrollment expedition courses spanning 14-29 days in length, NOLS will match your education award up to $300. First we will spend a month sea kayaking through Puget sound. The NOLS Store helps students of the outdoors stay up to date on wilderness first aid supplies and outdoor leadership techniques. 9 days. NOLS Pacific Northwest, Mount Vernon, Washington. $7,950 Learn about Financial Aid & Scholarships. NOLS Pacific Northwest, Mount Vernon, Washington. Have rich cultural experiences while exploring the remote corners of a new country. See Dates. (NOLS) I will be in a group of roughly 15 other 18+ students and two experts. Read stories and trip advice from the leader in wilderness education. The System consists of a Main Library and Administrative Center in Port Angeles, branches in Clallam Bay, Forks, and Sequim.
For open-enrollment expedition courses spanning 30-60 days in length, NOLS will match your education award up to $1,000. I cook for myself and make many of the same recipes I learned with my small team in the Pacific Northwest. Pacific Northwest Trip Leader. NOLS Pacific Northwest. Break free from the guidebook and choose your own path. Learn more about NOLS Pacific Northwest Backpacking . NOLS Pacific Northwest: Bounded by both mountains and ocean, NOLS Pacific Northwest is your gateway to backcountry adventures in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, Canada. On this course, you’ll dive into learning leadership and outdoor skills in … Find your next ... NOLS invented the outdoor semester, and this course is where it all began. 18+ yrs Tuition. 1.1K likes. Pacific Northwest | The outdoors are waiting. Pacific Northwest Summer Semester. Learn to lead in the mountains & on the water.

National Outdoor Leadership School semester in the Pacific Northwest Music: Jose Gonzalez -Step Out. Duration. In a queer-positive community, hike the North Cascades or paddle the coast of British Columbia. Read stories and trip advice from the leader in wilderness education. I am about to take a 68-day journey into the wilderness with the national outdoor leadership school. Pacific Northwest | The outdoors are waiting. Choose from our two newest affinity courses for people who identify as LGBTQ+.

Then another month mountaineering through the cascades.

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