Airport; Public transport; Hop-on-hop-off bus; Trips & intineraries . Please, check the list of our partners that offer special discounts to Roma Pass holders for attractions, sightseeing tours and tourist services.
GALLERIA BORGHESE is again part of the network!. One of the reasons to buy the Roma Pass is to avoid the long line at the Colosseum, but there are other ways to do that - the line at the Forum is usually much shorter, start there. Access to the COLOSSEUM always guaranteed, upon reservation.. NEW in the network. SAVE an extra 10%! So, to answer your question, the Roma Pass cannot be used for those monuments.. Ciao Daniela The Catacombs of Rome offer you a walk through the heart of the city where you can see the funeral remains of burials made many centuries ago. The catacombs, all, belong to Vatican City State; for this reason there's always a 'local' guide running the tour (mostly a young seminarist, a student from a Vatican university or religious people). The attractions along the Appian that the Roma Pass covers are the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, Baths of Caracalla, Villa dei Quintili and Circus of Maximus (Circo di Massenzio).

Roma Pass; Save Money; ROME ATTRACTIONS. Nate intorno alla metà del II secolo d.c., fanno parte di un complesso cimiteriale che occupa un'area di 15 ettari di terreno, con una rete di gallerie lunghe quasi 20 chilometri, su diversi piani, e raggiungono una profondità superiore ai 20 metri. From the catacombs, to bone chapels and ancient shrines, this is a parallel world you won't want to miss. He published a book called Roma Sotterranea (“Underground Rome”) which contained valuable information for future archaeologists as a guide to accessing the catacombs. They are all some distance apart, and they all have specific entrances (we've been either by or to all of them). EXPERIENCES: CIRCO MAXIMO EXPERIENCE and CARACALLA 4D (tour in AR);. None of the catacombs participate in the Free Sunday or other free days run by the Italian tourism ministry. Roma Pass …

FORUM PASS SUPER (Fori Imperiali, Foro Romano, Palatino, Ville);. None of the catacombs are wheelchair accessible . Rome travel guide: which Roma Pass worth it? The catacombs of St Domitilla take their name from a Christian woman who was a member of the Flavian family. The pass is a tourist package, offered by the Comune di Roma (the city of Rome), to help visitors get a little bit of a bargain, encourage visits to cultural sites in Rome, and provide them with some useful tools during their visit to Rome. Catacombs of San Callisto are popular catacombs on the Appian Way with a 20 km network including some of the best sights of all the catacombs of Rome. Offer ends Tue 30th Jun 2020. The Eternal City has so many monuments above ground that it's hard to imagine the secrets it hidden under its surface. Rome Attractions; Rome Attractions Guide; Vatican City Attractions; Rome Itineraries; TRAVELCARD; Collection; Guidebook; FAQ; Sale! Catacombs; Save money. The ticket is 6 euros (with a guided tour). By Samantha Collins in Rome– Note: This post was updated with new prices in May 2013.

YOUR SIGHTSEEING PASS TO ROME & VATICAN CITY. Catacombs of Rome: Catacombs of St. Domitilla (Catacombe di Domitilla) With a network of tunnels over 15km/9mi in length, the Domitilla Catacombs form the largest subterranean cemetery in Rome. Le Catacombe di San Callisto sono tra le più grandi e importanti di Roma. Museums in Rome: The Top 10 Museums and Galleries.

Catacombs. Home; Skip the line; Catacombs; On November 23, 2018; In Catacombs Things to do Tips for travellers Vatican; No Comments. 5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Read more.

Dozens of Christian martyrs and 16 pontiffs were buried here. He published a book called Roma Sotterranea (“Underground Rome”) which contained valuable information for future archaeologists as a guide to accessing the catacombs. Burials were forbidden inside the walls of Rome as early as the fifth century BCE, so mazes of underground tunnels outside the city center were used to bury thousands of bodies back in the ancient and early Christian eras. Read more. Top 10 …
No catacombs participate in the Roma Pass or other Rome City Pass. The OMNIA Vatican & Rome card is a sightseeing package which gives holders free entry to top attractions in the city as well as Fast Track Entry – saving over 4 hours! Launched to encourage visitors into the museums, the scheme is proving to be a popular one. 1 CITY TOUR – Tourist Services in the City Center. FILTER BY TIPOLOGY. Roma Pass; Rome on a budget; Transport. Initially, both heathen and Christian Romans found there final resting place here, provided they did not prefer to be buried by the main arterial roads of Rome. The catacombs of Rome provided a resting place for the first generations of Christians, awaiting their resurrection and salvation in their tombs, deep beneath the ground on the outskirts of Rome. Initially, both heathen and Christian Romans found there final resting place here, provided they did not prefer to be buried by the main arterial roads of Rome.

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