The teeth-two or three supraorals teeth and three or four bicuspid teeth on each side of the oral opening-are blunt and poorly developed. A healthy, stable population occurs in the main river and in a number of tributaries. 276). SCIENTIFIC NAME: Ichthyomyzon gagei CHARACTERISTICS: The dorsal fin is slightly notched but is not divided into two distinct fins.On live individuals, the oral disc is narrower than the head. Also Ref. Find link is a tool written by Edward Betts.. searching for Southern brook lamprey 30 found (38 total) alternate case: southern brook lamprey Ichthyomyzon (102 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article brook lamprey) Ichthyomyzon gagei C. L. Hubbs & Trautman, 1937 (Southern brook lamprey) Ichthyomyzon greeleyi C. L. Hubbs & Trautman, 1937 (Mountain brook Gage, one of the foremost students of Lampreys (Pflieger 1997). Ichthyomyzon gagei . Brook lamprey are an entirely freshwater species and the smallest of the British lamprey, reaching 15 to 19cm in length. Two parasitic lampreys feed on the blood of other fishes. Courtesy of Geological Survey of Alabama . The northern brook lamprey has an undivided though shallowly notched dorsal fin, and all the disk teeth are poorly developed. The newly hatched ammocoetes are 11 … Type Locality. southern brook lamprey . Synonymy. Southern Brook Lamprey and Chestnut Lamprey have been observed spawning together in the same nests in the St. Croix River system (Namekagon and Yellow rivers, WI), and samples from the adults and eggs were preserved for genetic analysis; however, there has been no funding available to run the analyses (J. Lyons, personal communication). The Avon is a high-quality river that represents the southern part of the range of brook lamprey Lampetra planeri.

Southern brook lamprey larvae burrow into sand or loose gravel, so they are difficult for predators to find. Southern brook lamprey is the vernacular name of the Ichthyomyzon gagei, a species of Ichthyomyzon. In the innermost circle, all teeth are 1-pointed. Common names: Southern brook lamprey Occurrence: native Salinity: freshwater Abundance: | Ref: Importance: | Ref: Aquaculture: | Ref: Regulations: | Ref: Uses: no uses Comments: Mississippi River basins of southern Missouri, eastern Oklahoma, Arizona and Louisiana; Tennessee River drainage from Kentucky and Alabama (Ref. Ichthymyzon gagei Hubbs and Trautman 1937:80; Cook … The southern brook lamprey (Ichthyomyzon gagei) is one of six lamprey species found in Alabama. The adults die within three weeks after spawning, around the same time the eggs begin hatching (Beamish 1993). Unlike other British lamprey species, they don’t feed as adults.

Brook lamprey. Alabama lampreys have a tube-shaped body, are less than 12 inches long, and lack upper and lower jaws. Southern Brook Lamprey mature at 3-4 years of age and are semelparous, meaning they die shortly after spawning. Stream 0.8 km (0.5 mi) south of Dry Prong, Grant Par., LA (Hubbs and Trautman 1937) Etymology/Derivation of Scientific Name . Ichthyomyzon, Greek, “fish sucker”; gagei, named for S.H. Click on a title to look inside that book (if available): Freshwater Fishes of Texas (2007) A Field Guide by Chad Thomas, Timothy Hallman Bonner, Bobby G. Whiteside. geographic area: Western Atlantic Ocean; Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Southern Brook Lamprey.

After feeding is completed, the lamprey will detach itself from the host fish and swim away. The main river, and in particular its tributaries, provides clean beds of gravel for spawning and extensive areas of fine silt for juveniles to burrow into. Adults ready to spawn are darkish brown, becoming nearly black by the time spawning is completed. Adults attach themselves to rocks in swift-moving waters, and are also hard to find because they have camouflage coloring. Adult Northern Brook Lampreys can be easily distinguished from parasitic lampreys (Chestnut Lamprey (I. castaneus) and Silver Lamprey (I. unicuspis)), which grow larger, have large sucking discs, and numerous, well developed, rasping teeth used to ingest blood from their fish hosts. SOUTHERN BROOK LAMPREY. 10294.

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