The Spring Peeper is one of the chorus frog species. Spring peepers are small frogs that make a big noise!

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pseudacris crucifer crucifer. It is a small frog with small toe pads. The species is nocturnal. This frog is in the family Hylidae, which is the scientific name for tree frog. Collective Noun – Army, colony. The Spring Peeper is one of the chorus frog species. Lowest Conservation Concern. Scientific Name – Pseudacris crucifer.

Common and widespread both in Tennessee and the eastern United States and Canada, the little Spring Peeper-and its call-is familiar and beloved to many. In fact, the species name "crucifer" means "cross-bearing." Scientific Name: Pseudacris crucifer. Courtesy of the United States Geological Survey Image Source. In fact, the species name "crucifer" means "cross-bearing."

The X on the northern spring peeper’s back isn’t always perfectly formed, but it is present in some way. Description : Small (0.7 to 1.2 inches) and typically brown to gray in color, the Spring Peeper gets its scientific name from the dark "X"-which is often imperfect-that appears on its back. Texas Distribution: The single subspecies of Pseudacris crucifer found in Texas, P. c. crucifer , is restricted to the eastern quarter of the state. Spring Peeper is a frog that most people have heard during the early spring. In the spring, males perch on grasses, sedges, and branches near water and call out for mates with a high pitched, …

Common Name: Spring Peeper Scientific Name: Pseudacris crucifer Location: Throughout state Breeding Season: March to early June .

Kansas is at the western edge of this frog's continental range. Scientific Name: Pseudacris crucifer Size: 0.75-1.25 inches (1.9-3.2 cm) in length Status: Abundant Habitat: Deciduous woodlands, swamps, marshland fields and meadows. Habitat: Inhabit temporary and permanent ponds, marshes, flooded areas, and ditches during breeding season, after which will disperse into woodlands, old … Scientific … The Southern Spring Peeper's natural habitat is located in … They have a lighter brown background colour (but can range from red-grey as well), with darker brown markings. Spiranthes vernalis is the scientific name of the spring ladies' tresses orchid. Common Name: Spring Peeper. STATUS: Common statewide. As its common name suggests, the species has a high-pitched call. One of the truly great signs of early spring is the rolling, night time chorus of the Spring Peeper. This identifying mark is where the peeper gets part of its scientific name: crucifer, from the word “crucifix.” The spring peeper’s vocal sac is almost the same size as its entire body

Therefore, its call has been a sign of spring, hence the name. There are two subspecies of Spring Peepers: the Southern Spring Peeper and the Northern Spring Peeper. Scientific … Scientific Name: Pseudacris crucifer. This frog is not a very big frog they only grow to be about 1.5 inches long.

It has a x on its back which makes it easy to identify. The spring peeper's most distinctive trait is the dark cross or "x"-shaped blotch that is usually found on its back. A characteristic dark x-shaped mark is evident on the back. The back has an X shaped mark in the darker brown… chorus frog. Photo by: Jerry Mercier Species: Spring Peeper Scientific name:Pseudacris crucifer Status: common Description: The dorsal (back) colour markings are the most distinctive part of this frog. Spring Peeper . Classification – Hylidae. The spring peeper gets its name from its call. The spring peeper can be tan, gray, yellowish, orange or pinkish. Description: Small species. It is a small frog with small toe pads. Spring peeper is a species of frog found in eastern United States and Canada. The spring peeper's scientific name, Pseudacris crucifer, translates as "cross-bearing false locust." Common Name: Spring Peeper Scientific Name: Pseudacris crucifer Location: Throughout state Breeding Season: March to early June .

The head, body and limbs are light brown in background color and the underside is yellowish. The most distinctive mark is a dark X located on the dorsum (back). chorus frog. Species: crucifer is derived from the Latin word crucis which means "cross-bearing". This refers to the cross-like pattern found on the frog's dorsum.

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