Blue Jays also love to feed on suet, especially during winter season. Keep in mind, Blue Jays have large built and a suet feeder made from poor quality wire … Pick a spot in the distance to watch them. 12 Tips on How to Attract Blue Jays to Your Yard (2020) January 28, ... sunflower seeds, and suet balls to hungry jays. If you are thinking of offering blue jays this type of food, invest on a heavy-duty model suet feeder. Some basic wire suet feeders fail to accommodate large Blue Jays. Bluebirds, unlike Bluejays do exhibit sexual … Planting oak trees will make acorns available for jays of the future.

Today we thought we’d take a look …
I have realized that I need to use several different suet bird feeders if I want to keep the Jays away from my good, homemade suet and let the songbirds and clinging birds eat in peace. Jays have many admirers as do most birds. Blue head and wings, with a light brown or orange breast (with regional variations). If you’re offering this type of bird food to them make sure you have chosen an extra-sturdy … Your best bet for dealing with these beauties is to give them space and a feeder of their own. Blue Jays often take drinks from birdbaths. Starling Proof Suet Feeder: How to Keep Starlings Away Starlings, generally thought of as a nuisance bird, can make it difficult for other birds to feed at your suet bird feeder. They are exceptionally smart, so it’s not easy to outwit them with fancy jay-proof feeders. Suet Feeders: Like most wild birds, Blue Jays love Suet–particularly during cold winter months. Blue Jays often take drinks from birdbaths. Alternatively, create small, flat nesting platforms high off the ground, so that the blue jays … Affixing your suet cage on a tree, rather than hanging it will make it easier for a Blue Jay to enjoy your suet cakes. Don’t forget the suet. Mealworm Feeder – No doubt, Blue Jays love too much on mealworms and therefore it can be a great idea to install a mealworm feeder in winters. calls, Blue Jays make a variety of musical sounds, and they can do a remarkable imitation of the scream of a Red-shouldered Hawk. ... mealworms, fruit, suet, safflower, and acorns. jay! Open 24/7, 360 Days A Year. Besides their raucous jay! Try suet cakes in a simple suet feeder and watch their antics while they work at getting to your suet. The thin shell makes it an easy bird seed to open, even for the smaller birds. But what birds eat suet if you offer it in your yard, and how can you make this feeder treat attractive to even more species?
Then, fill the feeders with food that blue jays like, such as sunflower seeds, acorns, and suet, and keep the perch area clear so the food is easy for the birds to get to.

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