He was best known for his controversial book 1421: The Year China Discovered the World, in which he asserts that the fleets of Chinese Admiral Zheng He visited the Americas prior to European explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492, and that the same fleet circumnavigated the globe a century before the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan. Did China discover America? He was born in 1371, into a Hui family from Kunyang, Yunnan. Paper presented to The Zheng He, down West Ocean, Chinese Overseas Discussion Forum, Fuzhou, China: 388-401, 2005. But is it real?

In 1405 a Chinese Muslim eunuch, Zheng He, launched the first of seven voyages west from China across the Indian Ocean. This map claims that a Chinese Muslim beat Columbus to it. Zheng He was said to have discovered America 70 years before Christopher Columbus did. What is the Malayalam name of tukmaria or sabja seed or falooda seed This also applies to the claim made by Gavin Menzies, the author of 1421: The Year China Discovered America, arguing in his book that Zheng He’s discovery of America precedes that of Christopher Columbus. explorer Born: c. 1371 Birthplace: China An admiral in the Imperial Chinese navy, Zheng He made seven voyages to Southeast Asia, India, and Africa to explore and trade.In 1405 Zheng made his first trip, sailing to Vietnam and India with a fleet of Chinese boats known as junks. Zheng He was a Chinese explorer of the 14th century. Zheng He was a Hui-Chinese explorer, mariner, diplomat, fleet admiral, and court eunuch. However, not a lot of people believe in this and strongly believed that it was Christopher Columbus who truely discovered America. His original name was Ma He. Zheng He from China, discovered America in 1418 CE before Columbus. He led expeditions to South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Africa, and the Middle East during the early part of the fifteenth century. Zheng he was the Chinese explorer that trivled along the coast. Also, through the trading and exploring other countries, Zheng He would have produced waste from what they do in the countries and through trade. During his voyages, Zheng He was building mosques, while spreading the word about … After all, Zheng He was not going to the Americas, not even say he did not know where it was. January 25, 2017.
Rosie Blau | May 21st 2015. M McCarthy It has been said of Australia—a land occupied by …

Zheng He was born into a Muslim family, however, he worshiped Mazu – the patron goddess of sailors and seafarers. Zheng He, original name Ma Sanbao, later Ma He, admiral and diplomat who helped extend the maritime and commercial influence of China throughout the regions bordering the Indian Ocean. Zheng He, the man who discovered America before Columbus did. of Asia and around Africa but was called back to China so he sent.

He used these ships under the service of the Chinese emperor in an effort to explore the vast chinese empire of the middle ages and to bring wealth back to the emperor.
He led expeditionary voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and East Africa from 1405-1433. some ships on and those ships discovered America but he himself did Zheng He. During the next 30 years (till 1445 CE), he was in command of the world’s largest fleet, funded by the Ming emperor, sailed to the east coast of Africa into the Persian Gulf. This map claims that a Chinese Muslim beat Columbus to it. He came from the Ming dynasty. It is a silly play by Chinese nationalists to proclaim that Zheng He discovered the Americas. Zheng He was said to have discovered America 70 years before Christopher Columbus did.

Zheng He: Though not well-known outside of China, Zheng He deserves a place in the history books for being one of the boldest explorers of the pre-modern era. He built a total of 1622 ships and made at least seven major excursions between 1405 AD and 1430 AD. There’s no evidence to support that, but former British submarine captain Gavin Menzies (who has no historical training) has made a killing with his discredited 1421 hypothesis , and is selling books, maps and TV specials convincing people that Zheng He found the Americas before Columbus and circumnavigated the globe before Magellan. He was born at the end of the 14 th century, in a small town in the region of Yunnan to a …

About Zheng He: Zheng He (1371-1435), or Cheng Ho, is China's most famous navigator.

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