Critics say that it may seem like trophy hunting helps animals on paper, but the on-the-ground reality shows a different picture. It's selfish and has absolutely no benefits to anyone other than the hunters and those they are paying to hunt. But the hunting is not just hurting the animals themselves, it's hurting us all.

2. Often, the animal being hunted is a rare or endangered animal, but even trophy hunting for wolves, moose, and bears is unpalatable to many people. By Ameena Schelling .

Hunters Say Trophy Hunting Helps Animals.

No other animal hunts for trophies. For more reasons why trophy hunting is good, you can watch the video below. It does not aid conservation, nor does it aid local communities. There are so many reasons why trophy hunting is terrible. Not only is it harmful, but it shows the greed and arrogance of humans. A petition has been mounted against a teenage trophy hunter from Texas after she posted graphic images onto Facebook posing with animals she shot in Africa. Video – Why Trophy Hunting Can Be Good for Animals. The killing of wild animals for food is a different story.

Comments Ever since the death of Cecil the lion, the world's been looking at trophy hunting a bit more closely. Why shoot something you supposedly want to protect? The International Fund for Animal Welfare studied the literature on the economics of trophy hunting and found only 3 percent of trophy hunting revenue actually makes its way to the local community. Trophy hunting is one of the top four threats that lions face. Here's Why They're Wrong.
While trophy hunting often brings in money to certain parks or locations, it's counterproductive to the overall idea of conservation. Like many who participate in the cruel sport, she sees nothing wrong with killing for fun. The others are - habitat loss, loss of prey base and human-lion conflict.

I know people are still going to hunt.

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