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Building a Pressure Washing Trailer

building a pressure washing trailerThe power washing trailer is a heavy duty piece of equipment that can be extremely useful for a landscaping crew or company, as well as a valuable piece of maintenance equipment for a wide array of other businesses or companies responsible for their own maintenance and upkeep.  While this tool is definitely more commercial minded and heavier duty than even the most Hank Hill type of handyman would need, it is one that finds plenty of popularity among the right crews.

Before you rush to buy or build your own power washing trailers, there’s a lot to consider.  This is a heavy duty piece of equipment, and you can imagine the price tag that comes along with words like “industrial” or “heavy duty.”  Many of these trailers will come with price tags in the many thousands of dollars, which also leads many people to start asking questions about how to build a power washing trailer themselves.  It is certainly possible, assuming you know enough about mechanics and engineering to get all the pieces functioning together the way they need to, but there’s no guarantee you could make one that would be as effective as companies that specialize in building pressure washing trailers.  In fact, the odds would definitely be stacked against you on that one.

That being said, if you need a customized power washer to get a special job done, the good news is that there are companies that actually specialize in customizing pressure washing trailers so you can basically fill out the specs and get the actual trailer you need without having to worry about pressurizing the water, welding, or doing the work yourself and wondering if it will work after that or not.

This is a viable option for many individuals who find themselves needing a pressure washing trailer for special jobs and don’t want some generic “one size fits all” type of set up that really doesn’t help them out.  These customization jobs often start with details like whether you want a single or double tandem axel trailer, and move to the size of the water tank, the type of pressure washer used, and going to all the extra details from hoses and everything else.  Many companies start with 100 gallon tanks and move up to 500.  Some go by exact amounts (100 gallons, 200 gallons, etc) while other companies choose to go with slightly staggered amounts like 230 gallons, 330 gallons, and so on.

While many people fall for the bigger is better line of thinking, make sure you actually need a top of the line fully powerful and large tank power washer.  It may be tempting to go for 500 gallons and the strongest spray you can get, but don’t forget many power sprayers can crack or damage pavement or a tarmac when shot directly at the area being cleaned.  Besides, it’s a waste of money for you to go all out on a full sized pressure washing trailer when something middle of the line is more than enough to handle your needs.

Finally, if you do decide you want to build your own pressure washing trailer, make sure you have mechanical engineering professionals or assistance from people who know how to put those machines together so they work properly – you don’t want to dump hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a guess.