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Power Boss 3,000 psi Honda GC190 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

powerboss pressure washerProduct Description

I personally own a Honda powered pressure washer and have enjoyed it very much. However, this last year it’s become a bear to get started. Which reminds me that this spring it’s time to take it apart for a tune up. That’s one thing I like about the Honda powered engines, they’re fairly easy to work on.

However, the product description for this pressure washer mentions that the Honda GC190 OHC engine is easy starting and reliable performance. It has a axial cam pump utilizing Easy Start pump technology. The flow rate on this Power Boss is 2.5 max GPM with 3,000 psi. This washer comes with 0, 15, and 40 degree spray tips (pro-style, low-pressure). The size and weight of this washer is pretty typical for a higher psi model at 70 lbls and 26.4 x 22.3 x 20 inches.

When looking at reviews and star ratings for products, anything 4 and above is considered pretty good. The Power Boss 020309 receives a strong 4 stars. Most seem to agree that the fuel consumption is nice and although some seem to think that the parts are flimsy, (you can tell by looking at this pressure washer like most) many of the parts on the exterior are made out of plastic. It’s interesting how many purchases bought based on the Honda name alone.

Some owners had issue with the wand length (that it’s too short) and that the holder for the tips themselves is on the wand where they can easily be dislodged if hit. Most feel that this washer is fine for most homeowner type jobs but if you’re looking for something a little more durable and heavy duty, you may possibly want to check out the DeWalt T22111. You know that thing is built to last just by looking at it.

Product Details

For outdoor cleaning projects including washing cars, patio furniture and driveways
Honda GC190 Engine powers through your weekend projects and a maintenance free axial cam pump
Detergent injection system that infuses cleaning solution into the water stream for a faster, easier cleaning
10-inch never go flat wheels easy to maneuver in the backyard or around the house
2-year limited warranty