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Pressure Washer Reviews

Maybe you’re considering purchasing a pressure washer, but aren’t sure what type or kind you like. Like we discussed on starting a pressure washing business, there are many ways to figure out what type of pressure washer you’re looking for. Regardless, especially if you’re looking to purchase, there are a few things you’ll want to be sure and consider when looking at power or pressure washer reviews. But just like reviews, they are only a few peoples opinions and it really depends on what your expectation of the equipment is or even what you mainly intend to use it for.

However, looking over reviews is a way to tell if there really is a design flaw or serious issue with a product or service. Like anything else, this also applies to pressure washers. I have a Honda Powered 2400 PSI pressure washer that I use around the house that was left over from my painting days. I tell you though, it’s a bear and can be a pain getting it started sometimes. I see all these little electric and small pressure washing systems at Home Depot and Lowe’s now and wonder why we ever spent so much on our big washer years ago. The fact is, products and needs change through the years so it never hurts getting something that will be able to grow with your needs. Taking the time to read reviews, like power washer reviews as with other products, helps you get a better sense of what experience real consumers are having with real products.

Regardless of whether your reading power washer reviews or consumer research on shoes, the fact is you have to sift through the information yourself and at some point you’re just going to have to make a choice. If you’re anything like me, I can research something to death and get to a point where I’m more confused then when I started.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when looking at pressure washer reviews as with any product:

  • Is the person talking about bad and good qualities and the particular power washer? Do they seem to just say a bunch of overly hyped pros about the particular product? With the increase of online sales, sometimes it’s tempting for larger distributors to pay people to go around all these product review sites and hype up their reviews. This can actually be a strategy for some companies so you have to be wear of that. Even though it may be happening with electronics or higher volume/margin products, don’t think it doesn’t happen with power washing equipment. Competition can be brutal.
  • What are/were the expectations of the person who was giving the review? Did they have realistic expectations of the product or performance of that particular PSI of power washer? You can get pressure washers with extremely low PSI, say 1750, that may work for little jobs around the house but not cut out for real commercial work or big time jobs requiring a lot of heat and pressure.
  • You’ll see a lot of pressure washer reviews on things like, “didn’t clean oil off driveway” or other things which clearly shows the individual was not educated on the 3 elements required to really make pressure washing work.
  • The way to get the most out of any type of reviews is to simply watch for any reoccurring themes in the complaints. With almost any product or review, the major issues with an item are going to come up more than once. You’ll see it mentioned in more than one review… thinks like cheap design, poorly illustrated instructions, pressure not holding, etc. This again is where the person giving the pressure washer review must have some general knowledge and realistic expectation. Like we mentioned before, if the person purchased the cheapest washer out there and is complaining because it feels like it’s made cheap… well, just keep those things in consideration.

There are times when you can get so caught up with looking at reviews you can never make a decision. My wife and I are like that when we are planning a vacation. We’ll search hotels and read reviews on TripAdvisor and soon get overwhelmed with all the choices. At some point it helps just to narrow down your “requirements” and just pick some based on a few requirements. Narrow the list down and and some point just go with your gut feeling.

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